Online Casino: Your Guide to the Best Casino Sites for New Zealanders

For those seeking a new and better online casino, then this is the only place to begin to get you started on the right path to rewards of money and bonuses. We analyse the many casino online operators that are open to the market of New Zealand and bring forth to you a simple guide to help you reach the best online casino NZ can get.

This is not just another guide that secretly pushes you to one or two casinos, this is a free service that will open your eyes (hopefully) to the good and bad which is out there when gambling.

We are gamblers just the same as you and we want to support you with the facts of what online casinos can offer you fully as a service. You want the best option in games, rewards and security. So we shall start with our introduction and then lead you into our four simple steps to know about what casinos are about and should be providing.

Where will you make your millions online? Here are New Zealand's best three online casino sites:

1 Spin Casino Spin Casino
2 Royal Vegas Royal Vegas
3 All Slots All Slots

Introducing you to our guide, Online Casino NZ. Where we take you through Four main points of casinos

Our website guide was built and constructed over many months of trials with a number of errors arising which we hope you can now avoid because of our experience. We took the whole online casino market open to Kiwis as tested each one. We taught ourselves that there are four key areas to a site which make it the best and adding to it a secure online casino.

For you to access or discover the potential of sites we list these four major points below. We discuss the NZ casino laws which firstly put approved licensed casinos on the market. We looked into the quality of games, of which there are many to see which come with actual winnable features and jackpots. For many bonuses play a huge part and this is within reason, so you can read about how to look for the best ones out there that are not scams or easy hooks to grab people for the sake of it. We came to the conclusion that overall service binds these elements together so we discuss the importance of this area in NZ online casino.

Many players will experience playing, on average, within 3 different casino sites within their first three months of gambling. During their overall time playing and betting they will have experienced over 7 different casinos, chopping and changing to always get something better than the last. Why users go through this process is possibly due to a lack of knowledge or pursuing the wrong elements. So this is why we provide you with this guide so more time is spent playing with satisfaction, rather than looking.

Begin by checking the online casino New Zealand friendly site is indeed legally approved to service Kiwis

nz online casino nz online casino

JackpotCity casino, William Hill casino, Royal Vegas casino, all of these and many more of the heavy weights begin live as an idea which once built must become registered businesses that then pursue a license to act and provide a service to customers. This is where your attention must be paid to when searching through the online casinos NZ has available.

The aim is to win riches and online casino real money fortunes, this will only be done inside licensed and regulated establishments which are not fraudulent sites looking to hood-wink players that are overly eager to get started and will play anywhere.

The license is a foundation and a seal of approval. Think of it as going to pick a car to drive, do you opt for one with a recent mot or take a risk when the mot is overdue? We all know the answer to this because it is common sense, so the same must be treated with casinos, are they licensed? Is the license in date and who is the licensee?

What you should be looking for are the likes of the Malta Gaming Authority – the MGA CL, which supplies over 85% of the European market with approved licenses. Alternatively you can look for casinos approved by Curacao or the UK Gambling Commission. As 99.99% of New Zealand casinos are overseas, these governing bodies are the ones to look for. If you want to know more on overseas casinos, feel free to head over Casino Bonuses Index with the advice we have offered you.

To win your online casino real money NZ fortune, you need the best choice of games which come fully tested

NZ casinos online are pretty much stashing the same types of games to play, on the surface, in fact, they all look the same in a generic way. You have your jackpot slots, baccarat card games, roulette tables, lotto scratch cards and everything in between. Now even though the New Zealand online casinos all contain the same types, what you are looking for is the quality. This ties all this back into the regulations the license carries.

The casinos have rules to follow, which makes life easy for us. The games provided have to be tested and check to rid them of bugs which can affect the download of a game and faults that can stall a game midway.

Note: this is why casinos put up small print in the gaming details that all bets become void if there is a malfunction.

Casinos testing their games are a mandatory procedure and this makes it easier for players to win, as they are cleaned out and placed back into the system of games. The testing usually happens once a month and as a tip to help you win here is some great advice for guaranteed wins.

Casinos are built using management tools, these build up a cache history of what you play, bear this in mind. When you play any game for the first time you will win because the tool has no history to go on, this kills the idea of beginners luck. When the games are cleaned the cache is wiped and you start again with no history logged on it, so always play one game every other month in sequence, jump from new game to new game whenever a ‘BIG WIN’ lands or when you hit a bonus feature.

The service of any NZ online casino is vital. Without the correct operation in place you’ll be at risk

This is all about services of casinos. Now there are many bad ones and many good so what to look for is a casino that provides the quality. Firstly, a new online casino will have better attributes than the older casinos out there, many a consequence of older sites having old habits which cause them to be ‘lazy’ about their service. Here are some highlights as to how to distinguish the best online casino services from the crap one!

Services fall into the realm of banking. With this you want to make sure that they actually offer a good range of banking options for Kiwi players to use and select from. You will find that the newer casinos are more open to alternative options including the function and payment of bitcoins, ewallets and services such as PayPal.

Security bonded with the payments is key. A great online casino will have a tight framework in place to hold you information securely which is part of their legal obligation as stipulated within the casino’s own privacy policy. You want a casino that protects from the moment you log in to when you extract any winnings you have made. Here you need to make sure they have an SSL program in place which is approved by the regulators and is in date.

Now the fun part of this guide, the bonuses. How to check the offers the casino online you join are of worth

Bonuses, promotions, rewards deals and offers, no matter what they are called some are a unique opportunity to win real money for free from the online casino NZ operator. Others are just pure garbage and that is a fact. Many players wrongly assume the welcome bonus is a sign of quality. Let us not kid ourselves and remember they are there just to get punters in and that is all. If casinos were all welcoming then deposits wouldn’t be a requirement.

Licensed online casino New Zealand operators put out fair options, usually in the form of ‘no wager’ bonuses, where the player gets no string opportunities in the form of a small number of spins for free or a small cash sum to play with.

To know in an instant if a casino should be judge on bonus merit then you need to look at the promotions page of a site. There you will locate the bonuses given out during your time playing inside. The promos here are always far better than the welcome offers and you can find a bigger variety to suit your style of play.

We tried and we tested all of the best online casino NZ operators and supply you with their reviews to read

To help you begin we can direct you to the casinos that meet all the requirements you have read above with our own selected recommendations. We reviewed the best sites that you can claim your online casino real money NZ payouts from, that come with full license approval, game testing and award-winning services.

Head through our hyperlinks to find the options of casinos and also throughout the article, find more information of certain subject areas discussed.

Best of luck and enjoy the casino you pick.

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